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WE UNDERSTAND that every brand has different & specific needs to flourish in Asia.

ProFone is a healthcare brands architect and the accelerator behind brands that can blend in all our expertizes to build up successful brands. Our passion for all things sustainable has helped establish some of the world’s leading organic and natural brand names in Asia.


Providing products with sustainability, promote and educate the value of each of our brands.  Our simply goal is to make CUSTOMERS recommend to family and friends, PHYSICIANS prefer for their patients, PURCHASERS select for their clients, EMPLOYEES are proud of, and INVESTORS seek for long-term returns.






Drawing upon our industry know-how and networks, we assemble the exact support our Brand Partners need, from building awareness, to generating sales. Over the years, we have been building a flexible and agile platform with targeted services and expertise dedicated to accelerate growth.
Send us your thoughts and lets work out together for a better future ! 


BUILDING brands just like making pastry.  It looks like easy but in fact not at all ! A pair of skillful hands blending in with a good sense of art,  it is absolutely essential to make a plate of outstanding dish.    


It is always not a simple job to build up a successful brand.  We share the same visions of all the brands we have been building.  The dream of becoming a better you and better world. 
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